Get stuff done …

Get stuff done …

Nike said it best. Just do it. Get stuff done.

When you are in the moment; in the zone; it is easy to get something done.

That is not when you are tested. Nope. It is when you are not in the zone; not in the moment.

Getting your head in the game is so important. If you are not in the game you cannot play. If you are not playing you have zero chance of winning. Get in the game.

Your head is the BIGGEST, toughest, meanest player on the field. If your self talk in your head is fighting you it becomes a lot harder to win the game.

This is a journey. You need to practice. You need to be there.

So how do you do it? You make it a habit. It is something you do whether you are in mood or not.

You go for it. You CAN do this!

How do you create a habit? Start doing things at the same time. Same place. Everyday.

Success is not what you do sometimes. It is what you do all the time.

Go out and have an awesome day! Work on your success habits. Get it done.


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