How to Get Customers – Local Business Marketing

How to Get Customers – Local Business Marketing

Local businesses is the driving force in any economy. Every local business needs to engage in local business marketing.

If you do not get your marketing right the way it should be you will always have a challenge on your hands.

Here are a couple of marketing ideas and marketing tips:

  1. Build a list of customers. A business is their customers. No customers; no business. Building a list enables you to contact current and potential customers.
  2. Communicate often with your list. Do not just email once a year. No. Communicate on their birthday, special days in the year, special events are all opportunities.
  3. Share ideas. People want information. Sharing ideas helps build trust with your customer.
  4. Use social media. People are using social media. Do some research and find out which social media sites your customers are using.
  5. Find local businesses and partner with them. You can do joint ventures, joint events and so much more!
  6. Become part of the local community. You are a local business and dependent on your local community. Get involved.
  7. Make videos. People want to be entertained. Use video as education and entertainment.
  8. Use whatsapp, email and sms marketing. People are on their phones. Use all the marketing channels you can!

There you have it! A couple of marketing ideas you can use in your business.

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