Generating Sales Leads Ideas

Generating Sales Leads Ideas

Lead generation can be tough. Especially because traditional marketing is not working the way it did; AND there are thousands of options online.

Here are a couple ideas to generating sales leads:

  1. Find strategies that work. Follow and look for lead generation strategies working right now.
  2. Use video as a lead generation strategy
  3. Create a quiz for people to complete (here is one I use
  4. Look at what worked before and use that. If something used to work; and stopped working, how can you change it to work again?
  5. Create lead magnets people will be interested in.
  6. Create a list of useful tools for people.
  7. Get active on social (especially LinkedIn). Do not know how (here is a course on How to use LinkedIn)
  8. Host an event online.
  9. Host an event in a city or area where your customers are.
  10. Extend your marketing campaigns

Remember to test your crazy ideas! An idea is nothing without implementation. Implement and see what works for you.

Marketing and sales each has a specific role to play. Do not confuse the two. Confusing the two confuses your process.


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