Gearing your business up and down

Gearing your business up and down

When I was younger my brother and I had a bike. The Yamaha XT500. Here is a picture of one of those bikes (back then we did not take as many photos as people do today!).

With a bike you either gear up or gear down. It is not like a car where you can choose any gear at any time. It is sequential, up or down.

Gearing up on this beast of a bike was a great experience! It was a real thumper (that is the sound it made). A single cylinder engine, thump, thump, thump.

Getting it started was a different story. You had to pull the decompress lever. Otherwise the kick-starter would break your ankle!. Seriously. It had a nasty habit of kicking back at you. There was no electric start button to push. Very old school.

We sold the bike just before I met my wife. I have not had a bike since then (been looking at a Harley. Or maybe a KTM, or KLR?). Why not?

Being an entrepreneur is the same as riding a bike. You need to think for other people. When riding a bike you need to think more about what other people will do and how they will react on the road.

There comes a time when you need to gear up in your business; and suddenly gear down again. Up and down. It never ends. Your business needs to be able to handle it. Smaller businesses are nimble. They gear up and down faster; like the XT500. Larger businesses are like double decker buses! They take long to turn and slow on change. Use this to your benefit.

We have geared up and have 3 distinct businesses:

Online Systems: Systems to make your business grow (3 new marketing tools! LinkedIn Automation is here (book a session here). On the way is social media management and website marketing. If you are interested in a DIY solution register here to be on the short list for an early bird deal.

Global Entrepreneurs Academy: The vision is helping entrepreneurs to develop their digital skills. 20 courses and guides already available. Here is a list of courses and guides:

Current Courses
1. LinkedIn Made Easy Course
2. Starting a sideline affiliate business
3. WordPress training course
4. Setup your own recording studio
5. Excel spread sheet training course
6. Lead Generation for your business
7. Instagram Marketing Course
8. How to market content course
9. Content Creation Course
10. Zapier – Automating Your Business Course
11. MailChimp Marketing Automation Basic Course
12. MailChimp Marketing Automation Advanced Course
13. ClickFunnels Basics Course
14. ClickFunnels Advanced
15. Get More Done With Trello Course

1. Sales Funnel Guide
2. Social Media Authority
3. LinkedIn Marketing Guide
4. Facebook Ads for Business
5. Instagram Marketing Guide

We are adding 2 courses or guides on a monthly basis. 4 new courses already on the way and a some business checklists. You can get access to ALL courses and guides.

Marketing Growth: With experience in Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, A/B split testing, statistics, lead generation, business plans, marketing plans, marketing and sales; I have been doing a lot of work in this space. Grab my growth template here. Or; schedule a free 30 minute Skype session to see if this is right for you.

I look forward gearing up with you!

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