Facebook Ads

Get Facebook Ads working for your business to drive leads and sales.

People are spending more time on Facebook than any other website. It is an important channel to have as part of your digital marketing. You can reach potential clients and current clients using Facebook as a marketing and traffic generating tool

Awareness Campaigns

If they do not know about you they cannot buy from you. Awareness campaigns on Facebook are extremely affordable.

Reach a wider audience

Extremely cost effective

Find audiences on Facebook, Instagram and the expanded network

Interact with your market

Lead Generation Campaigns

There are various options to get more leads from Facebook. This could be to get more traffic to a store, more leads on your database and more calls.

Various lead generation options

Measurable results

Reach a wider audience

Quick results

Re-marketing campaigns

You can re-target people based on how they interacted online, visited your website, or focus on clients.

Follow up on people who showed an interest

Make more sales from current clients

Extend your campaigns for better results

Test various angles in your marketing (images, wording and offers)

Sales Funnel Methodology

Sales funnels have proved to convert more leads into more sales. This is a focused approach to tackle a much wider audience. A sales funnel includes:

Complete sales funnel setup

Consistent improvement

Sales tracking from leads generated

Multiple campaigns to drive traffic, leads and sales