Energy Flows Where Attention Goes … Sales Flow Where Marketing Goes

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes … Sales Flow Where Marketing Goes

“Energy Flows Where Attention Goes” ~ Tony Robins … the same is true with your sales, it comes from marketing.

On the way to a client for our monthly session today, I prepared some detail on the time people actually invest in their marketing and sales and the net result. There is a direct correlation between the time invested, and the results achieved.

Getting an Awesome Chiselled Body

When I was at university, a friend and I went to gym. The gym was at TUKS sports centre. Because it was our final year we did not have a lot of subjects. We did have a lot of time.

2 to 3 hour sessions, 3 to 5 times a week. The first month was hard. Then it became fun. We joke now, but if we had Instagram or Tiktok back then we would have made awesome videos.

One of the stories (could have been a great video), was the dips we did. And the crunches. And the bench press.

This focused effort lead to a great body (one my wife claims she has never seen). There might be ONE photo floating around in a desk somewhere (if someone finds it, PLEASE I need a copy to show my wife).

That effort we put in gave great results. We read Men Health for better techniques. Got some supplements. Changed routines. Varied the exercises. It was awesome.

The results you get from your sales and marketing will be the same.

How Much Should I Spend on Marketing?

When someone asks that question, I know there is not a lot of focus on marketing and sales

yet. Some want a percentage of turnover to work out their marketing budget. I like to use a tipping point. There is a level where your marketing and sales actually work at. Each industry is different and there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.

Also, we found getting some channels working first, is more effective than trying to get all marketing and sales channels performing at its peak.

The main areas to generate more sales and for your marketing to be effective include:

If ANY of these are not aligned, your marketing and sales will underperform.

How Much Time Do You Spend on Marketing and Sales?

Look at last weeks calendar. How much time did you really spend on your marketing and sales efforts? An hour? Two hours? A day?

If a week has 40 work hours … and you invested 60 minutes, that is 2,5% of your time. Will that move the needle? No.

This client I visited today, knows one of the other clients we worked with (this client is well known in the country and is a big success story). A factor we have been working on is the time and amount of money spent on marketing and sales. It is the 3rd biggest line item for them. For the other client, it is their 2nd biggest line item.

Both are doing extremely well.

The amount of time, energy, and money you invest in your marketing and sales has a direct, dare I say unfair advantage, for your business. It follows a hockey curve. Meaning, it might start slow, but it drastically increases results.

As we read Mens Health and worked on our exercise plan in the gym, so should you work on your marketing and sales. Its great to read the book, its more important to flex your marketing and sales muscles on a daily basis.

If the energy and focus is not there … if you are only spending a little amount of time on it … don’t expect mind blowing results.

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