Doubled website traffic and doubled leads in less than 12 months

Doubled website traffic and doubled leads in less than 12 months

Digital marketing is a funny thing. Do you remember advertising in the Yellow Pages? As a direct marketer it was a directory of potential business. We used to phone people out of the directory. Those were the days …

You invested once, I think it was September for the next year. This means; people will be able to find you next year in the Yellow Pages; whenever they pick up the Yellow Pages and look for a specific service; there you are! Easy. It was part of your marketing budget and a one-time investment.

Digital marketing is different.

It is something you do monthly. It is not a fire-and-forget. Here are results we got for a client. A 148% improvement on this report. Over 12 months doubled the traffic, and doubled the leads. This report shows a month-on-month comparison.

People change their behavior, especially online.

Way back there was no Google. It was hard to find a business. Business directories closed that gap.

Then Google came along with Yahoo and Bing. Google focused and became the leading search engine.

Then social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and video on YouTube.

Suddenly, to reach your market you need to be active on 10 different places. And not just one advertisement.

  • Because of this digital thing, anyone can be online, it is not that hard anymore
  • Because of this digital thing, we can measure results
  • Because we can measure results; our marketing becomes a focus point for a lot of discussion
  • Because we focus on our marketing; we realize how good or bad it actually is

For digital marketing to really work you need the following:

  • Website traffic
  • Monthly improvement
  • Monthly advertising budget

If there is NO traffic, digital marketing becomes very hard. You need a consistent flow of traffic. With that flow you can test and improve your results.

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