does marketing and sales hurt?

does marketing and sales hurt?

I got stuck. For a couple of months I have not exercised enough. Did not move enough. Stuck to an office chair. Glued to a laptop screen.

Now I am getting back into walking daily, playing tennis, and getting some golf in.

It hurts.

Getting back into moving hurts, especially as you get back into it. The pain is real. The effort is real. The focus is real. It takes daily focus, and relentless action.

Learning hurts.

Ignorance is not bliss. This is what learning does. It makes you realize there is more you do not know. There is more to learn. Most people stop learning after school. Learning hurts and takes effort. It takes daily focus, and relentless action.

Marketing and sales hurt.

When some people think of marketing and sales the idea is limited to creating one advertisement and someone closing a deal. Those days are gone. It takes daily focus, and relentless action.

It hurts.

If you have not drastically upgraded your marketing and sales, you are losing ground. You might not see it yet, but its happening.

The cost of getting clients has increased 10x over the past years. This means, if you are stuck with 2018 marketing and sales tactics, at some point that will stop working completely. It will get so expensive that it is ineffective to advertise.

That hurts.

The fact is, if your business is not growing, its dying. I know, that hurts.

The solution is not one thing. Its everything. Marketing and sales is not isolated. It is weaved inside everything that is done in your business.

This is why a lot of marketing and sales fail. Its one sided and not deeply ingrained into everything.

Your client is informed. They have access to more information than ever before. They price shop. They compare. And if you are ONLY competing on price or “better service”, buckle up … business is going to hurt, a lot.

People who invest in their marketing and sales on ALL levels in the business, will reap the benefits. That is the truth, and truth sometimes hurts.

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