Digital Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing Tools

The goal of this post is creating an extensive list (read I do not know how long this post will be or how many digital marketing tools will be included) of digital marketing tools.

Why digital marketing tools? 

We live in a digital world. In business you can now get marketing tools at does SO much. But where do you begin and what do you choose? Great question.

What is you marketing stack?

There are 2 schools of thought here. The first is you have stack of marketing tools and the second is finding one tool to do as much as possible. Each one of these has a lot of positives and negatives.

A marketing stack is a selection of tools linked together. They have been integrated.

A single marketing tool is one system to do everything.

As your business develops and grows you will need different tools and systems. You might outgrow one and need something else.

Also; as you learn what you really need and don’t need you will change. Let us dig into some of these.


There are two tools I like here. The first is Shopify, the second is Woo-Commerce.


Shopify helps you build an e-commerce store fast. It has a lot of functionality already build in. There is a lot of extensions that give you additional functionality. You get a 14-day free trial to test it out. From there you pay per month.


Do you want to test the water? Woo-Commerce is GREAT for setting up a store and going to market. It works with WordPress (did you know, 25% of the world websites is run on WordPress)

There are no monthly fees. It also has a wide selection of extensions and plugins to give you more functionality. It does work out of the box as well.

Marketing Automation

Yes, you do want to start automating your marketing. Why? It saves you time and makes you money. Need I say more?


Ok, so I am a certified Drip marketing automation consultant. The focus here is on ECRM, a word they coined.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


I really like PipeDrive. It makes money for business. So much so I help implement it into businesses for better results from their sales activities. What is

PipeDrive? It is a sales CRM tool focused on the sales activities to move sales through a pipeline of activities. It integrates with a lot of other tools and systems.

If you have a sales team and NO crm, this is THE tool to use!

Complete Systems

GetResponse. I list it here as a complete system because they offer a lot. What is a lot?

  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Webinars
  • Autoresponders
  • Light CRM

From their website; The GetResponse platform contains a suite of email marketing and online campaign management tools designed to help you grow your sales, maximize ROI, and succeed in online marketing. From unlimited broadcasting and top deliverability to 5-star customer service and over 50 easy yet powerful features – we’ve got you covered.

3 cool features:

  • Surveys. Segmenting your subscribers is vital. A survey helps with this. GetResponse online surveys are intuitive to use and offers a spectrum of possibilities, to make your questionnaires more effective.
  • Light CRM. Do you have consultants? You need a CRM. Keep track of your contacts and pinpoint when to sell to them – at every stage of their subscriber journey. It’s all here – lead scoring, tags, statuses, and stages.
  • Webinars. You get a complete webinar marketing solution.

Sign up for a Free GetResponse account and try it out.

Cloud Storage

(Work in progress)



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