Did you test your marketing?

Did you test your marketing?

How do you know what works? Is it a gut feel or did you test it?

There is no magic bullet in marketing and sales. Sometimes we do get lucky. That is the exception; not the rule. I like to get lucky. I do however know it does not happen very often.

The way marketing works best is testing.

99% of businesses invest time and money just to get their website created. Then leave it for years. Not testing anything!

This is one of the main reasons why we use sales funnels. A key fundamental process in sales funnel improvement is testing the funnel.


Here you go … we tested two key funnel pages for a client. Their website was not converting well. Now think about this; how will you test why a website is not working? That is a LOT of work.

Compare that to taking a segment of traffic and testing that!

We tested 2 pages; a short copy page; and a long copy page.

Guess which one worked best? You are right! You cannot! Only results and statistics count.

In this experiment the long copy page outperformed the short copy page by 166%.

You could have been very happy with a page which converts at 6%. BUT; if you tested; you could have a page converting at 16%.

So what? That is just 10% better. NO, it is 166% better! Here is what most businesses never realize … the same amount of effort can generate, 6 or 16 leads (using this pages stats).

What does that mean?

  • The website was generating around 30 leads per month; or 1,5% conversion (the average is 2,68%).
  • The shorter landing page; 6% (120 leads)
  • The long landing page; 16%. (320 leads)

If you spend R10 000 to generate traffic; then the cost per lead:

  • Website: R333
  • Shorter page: R83
  • Longer page: R31

WOW! Do you see the difference? Your input costs is the SAME; but the results you get is 166% better (in this case)!

These results are not because of luck. They are engineered. There is work involved. Testing. Comparing results.

The BIGGEST lesson you can get from this post is this; the SAME amount of resources can generate 1, 10, 100 or 1000 leads! Testing gives you confidence.

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