Did you test that?

Did you test that?

Finally! Website done and dusted! So HAPPY!

That is the feeling many people have when their new website goes live (need a website design? we can help).

Thing is; that is the START of a journey, not the end.

Last week I got one of my landing pages critiqued. WOW! What an experience that was.

At first; there was dead silence. Then they showed me where I can really improve the page (that is what I am working on now).

And when I have improved the page, I am still not done. Then we need to test.

Yes, test. Just because you think it is great, does not mean it is great.

99,99% of businesses NEVER test stuff.

At my last digital marketing seminar I shared the 2 pages I tested and showed the stats. One converted at 4%, the other one 1%.

Also rebuilding that page to get to a 10% sales conversion.

So what? Why do ALL of this marketing testing?

For one BIG reason … it makes the difference between making money, and losing money.

Going from a 2% conversion to 5% conversion is a 150% improvement.

This means; if you have 1000 people visit your site; it is the difference between having 20 leads (2%) and 50 leads (5%).

Your cost to get the 1000 people stayed the same … let that sink in … BUT your results improved by 150% (that is 30 more leads which did NOT cost you more).

Testing pays for itself in record time.

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