Business as Unusual

Business as Unusual

There has been many changes this year.

It started with 2020, or 20-plenty. Nobody thought it would give this much.

In business there is always change. The difference now is that this change was quick.

You have two choices:

  • Think the same, do the same
  • Think differently, do differently

Different is scary.

It is uncomfortable.

It is hard. Henry Ford said, thinking is the hardest thing to do, that is why so few people engage in it.

Your business will not be the same.

Your industry will not be the same.

Your competition will not be the same.

Your products or services WILL change.

Your thinking and behavior will drive this change. Nothing else.

You can sit and wait. You can say life will get back to normal.

The more you think about this … the more it changes your thinking.

This is a conversation.

This is a conversation with yourself, your employees, your suppliers, your customers, your family. Pray.

We have already seen how peoples behavior online has changed.

Today you have a choice, either think and do the same … or think differently, act differently.

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