Building your business using multiple marketing pillars

Building your business using multiple marketing pillars

The Romans got it right. The Egyptians also go it right. So did the Persians.

What did they get right?

Architecture. Specifically building with pillars.

Here is an example: The Great Hypostyle Hall is located within the Karnak temple complex, in the Precinct of Amon-Re. It is one of the most visited monuments of Ancient Egypt. The structure was built around the 19th Egyptian Dynasty (c. 1290–1224 BC). Its design was initially instituted by Hatshepsut, at the North-west chapel to Amun in the upper terrace of Deir el-Bahri. The name refers to hypostyle architectural pattern. Source – wikipedia.

Your business is the same as building with pillars.

Your business is supported by having multiple marketing pillars in place.

The reason why this works is because even when one pillar breaks or falls over, the structure (your business) still stands.

The yellow pages is a good example. 20 years ago it was the #1 method for thousands of businesses to advertise. Not any more.

Or, organic traffic to your site. Today you might get 100 people, tomorrow, 1000, and next week, 0.

Or, Facebook organic reach, it was high, now it is a lot lower.

Point is this … if your business depends on ONE or maybe TWO sources of growth, you are in trouble.

What is working now? Multiple channels driving the business forward. This includes in-bound, out-bound, paid, organic, video, text, images, email, SMS, messenger, directories, Google, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, webinars, blogs, lead magnets, sales funnels, and more.

This is like having multiple pillars in your business.

Even if one stops working, falls over or breaks, the rest carries on supporting the business.

Interested in more? Take the next step.

Nothing happens unless you take action. Part of taking action is failing. But you only fail if you don’t get up. Take action. Take the next step.

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