Big Automation

Big Automation

The biggest automation in the history of the world is happening right now!

Henry Ford proved the production line is an extremely effective way to build cars. The industrial revolution was the result of that thinking. Now, the same market, cars, is making leaps in big automation.

Driverless (autonomous ) cars is the future. To make it happen you need automation … on a BIG scale! Big automation. This means in the future your car will sense its environment, the road, traffic, and navigating without human input. It is exciting times indeed.

Did you know? You can do the same with your marketing! The big difference is the technology is available now and at the right price. It is reality, today, not the future.

If you have kept an eye on businesses that grow, they have been investing a lot in automation. This means the world is changing, jobs are changing and skills needed are changing.

What does this mean if you have a job? The skills of the future will be a lot different to the skills of today. A recent study found:

  1. The workforce will need to know how to create new worlds. Virtual reality is here and will become more and more daily life.
  2. They will need to think holistically. Do more with less.
  3. They will often be changing themselves mentally and physically to respond to challenges. Adopt or die in a fast-paced technology driven world.
  4. They will turn information into matter and matter into base information on the fly. We will be creators (artists) in the world.
  5. They must be able to work without direct leadership in tight temporary organizations that will act independently.
  6. Those seeking long-term secure employment will find it in employee-owned and -operated companies. Automation will be everywhere.
  7. Many future skills will relate to mind-machine interfaces. This is machine learning.
  8. They will all be data analysts. Big automation. Big data. You will need to make sense of it all.
  9. The ability to tell a good story will be valued over spreadsheets, graphs, and data points.
  10. Our future workforce must be ready to become “shallow experts” very quickly on many different types of software, platforms, and services.

What does this mean if you own a business?

  1. Cost of labour decreases with automation. Having the tools, systems and skilled workers makes you competitive.
  2. If you do not invest in a skilled workforce, or getting the right automation tools you will become less competitive in a global market putting pressure on your business profit margins.
  3. We are not competing locally anymore. It is global competition on a world-wide scale. Products are shipped to all corners of the earth. Services delivered from anywhere.
  4. Data drives business decisions. With a sea of information understanding key business metrics is vital.
  5. Act faster in an ever-changing business environment. Change is faster and will speed up.
  6. Outsourcing is becoming critical to be a leaner profit driven company. Focus on your core business offerings.
  7. Creating valuable, informative content about your business, products or services for customers. A huge amount of data is consumed daily by your customer. Are you part of that consumption?
  8. Educated consumers. Your customers have access to more information than ever before. Consumers are well informed and make informed decisions.
  9. Consumers research options before making contact. The wheel has turned. The customer demands the business to know more than they do, and they, your customers, knows a lot.
  10. Continuous education. Educating customers and your workforce is critical for future success.

We are living in a whirlpool of big business change and big developments. Are you ready now?

The business world is on a race track. You could be lapped and never be able to catch up. Invest time in getting the right speed for your business. The right speed means investing in automating key activities in your business so you can leverage your resources to scale your business when you need.

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