Basic Tips of Website Design

Basic Tips of Website Design

Here are a few basic rules of website design.

Firstly, you should select your font and background colours very carefully. You don’t want to use backgrounds that make your text unclear or use colours that are difficult to read. Darker coloured text on a lighter coloured background tend to be easier to read than lighter text on a dark background.

Ensure that your text size isn’t too small as this will also be difficult to read. You also don’t want to set your text size too large as this might appear to your visitors that you are shouting at them.

Keeping your text alignment to the left makes reading your website content that much easier.

It should be easy to navigate through your website.

Hyperlinks on your site should be clearly visible to your visitors. Buttons or tabs should be clear and easy to read.

Text links should not look the same as the other text on your pages. You do not want people clicking on your headings because they think the headings are links.

Ideally you want your visitors to be able to find what they are looking for on your website within three clicks. If they need to click in too many places to find information, they are very likely to click off your site as quickly as they clicked on.

How are your visitors finding you?

Thinking, “If I have a website, they will find me” is common misconception held by many businesses who are new to the Internet or online marketing. People will not just come to your site unless you market it online and offline.

There are various ways in which to promote your website, namely, search engines, business directories, paid marketing (PPC), and backlinks. If you are not familiar with any of these terms, then it is a good idea to get an online marketing professional to assist you with your website marketing.

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