B2B Marketing Services

B2B Marketing Services

Looking for B2B marketing services? I can help. B2B is a different type of marketing for one BIG reason; the way the decision is made.

Here are a couple of important B2B marketing tips:

  • The trick in B2B marketing is to target the right people. If you are targeting the wrong crowd no matter how good your marketing it will fail.
  • Consistent marketing works better than a flash in a pan. You need to build trust. This does not just happen. You build trust over time.
  • You MUST have a CRM (customer relationship management) system (or lead management system). Excel does not work well.
  • Follow up. Follow up. Follow up. Did I say you need to follow up?
  • Create opportunities for people to buy. Just because there is A deal on the table does not mean it needs to be the ONLY deal. Creating an event is a great way to interact with your potential customer. Invite them to your event. OR; if you have other related products and services quote on that as well.
  • Sync with their buying cycle. If you are out of sync with their buying cycle you will miss the sale.
  • Tender. Many companies put out tenders for bigger projects. Are you on the list for these?
  • Get on their supplier list. We did work for a dog food company. Before they could buy we needed to go on a supplier list. Only after being added to the supplier list could they buy from us. Get on the supplier list.
  • Grow your network. ALWAYS grow your network. Use LinkedIn as THE professional business networking tool (not sure how to use LinkedIn? Check out this online LinkedIn course or for corporate in-house LinkedIn training.
  • Be everywhere. Use key channels to market to the right people.
  • Use video. Many times the CFO or CEO are too busy to arrange a meeting. A short video introduction or overview might help move the sale forward. It is like a presentation done without you needing to be there.

With so MANY campaigns we have seen you do need to use the old, tried and tested AIDA marketing model.

  • A: Attention
  • I: Interest
  • D: Desire
  • A: Action

In b2b marketing the process is longer. This means marketing has bigger role to play for a longer period of time.

Attention (Awareness)

If I do not have your attention I can not sell you anything. If I do not know about you, I cannot buy from you. We see you need to have a focused approach to create awareness and get attention. People do not wake up one morning and decide to buy something. There is the 0,0001 time it happens; but is the exception and not the rule.

Focus on:

  • Creating consistent awareness in the market;
  • A wide marketing
  • A wide message


People show interest by liking your posts, visiting your website, watching videos.


They have become aware, shown and interest and now have a desire. They have joined your mailing list. Downloaded a guide or report. Attended a webinar. You have their details.


They are in the buying phase. They are visiting sales pages; completing contact forms, watching sales videos and making phone calls to find out more. This is the time when they are getting ready to buy.

By having your marketing fit into a sales funnel and targeting people on where they are on their journey makes your marketing very effective. You are joining the conversation they are having in their minds.

How do you implement B2B marketing?

There are a couple of key steps:

  1. Define your strategy and goals.
  2. Define your audience, message, and channels.
  3. Find best practices, examples, look at previous campaigns.
  4. Blueprint the process, have a plan in place with specific steps and items.
  5. Build from the end goal. This means work from the sales team backwards. If the sales team can close more every marketing campaign performs better.
  6. Implement. Nothing happens unless you take action.
  7. Review and Improve. Not all campaigns are home runs. Some never make it. You do need to keep track of results and work on them.

Interested in more? I can help with b2b marketing services. This includes sales funnels, marketing campaigns, lead management systems, blue printing, marketing strategies, training and marketing automation. Contact me today for a free review session.


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