Almost 80% of businesses are failing at lead generation

Almost 80% of businesses are failing at lead generation

From a recent study, half of marketers spend 50% of their marketing budget on lead generation. They rate their lead generation as slightly effective.

According to Marketing Serpa, 79% of leads NEVER convert into sales.

That hurts!

Another reports indicates 82% of consumers are responding very positively to a info-first marketing model. The same model I like to use. 

According to the report, customers view or engage with at least 5 pieces of content first before making a purchase. And that is quick sale!

It is not only about having a blog. It is a range of content and information.

This is also called sales funnels or funnel marketing. You implement a marketing sequence. With measurable elements.

If you have not designed, engineered, or drawn out your sales funnel, then you do not have a sales funnel.

Here is an example of a sales funnel blue print

Sales Funnel

Do you see all the moving parts? It is not just one thing. It is a sequence, events, triggers, actions, movement.

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