The AIDA sales funnel

The AIDA sales funnel

AIDA is one of the oldest marketing models there is. And it is great as a sales funnel.

AIDA stands for:

  • A: Attention
  • I: Interest
  • D: Desire
  • A: Action

In your marketing, you need to grab the attention of your potential customer. From there, create interest in what you offer. Enhance the desire to own it, and have a clear call to action.

So, where does marketing and sales fit in here?

  • Marketing has a clear job to do, and that is: Educate the customer about the products and services on offer, build trust with the customer that you have what they are looking for, and then pass the customer into your sales process.
  • You sales has a job to do, and that is: Answer any objections the customer might have, support them that they are making the right decision, and close the deal.

From there; operations takes over to deliver said product and service and get feedback.

Your administration handles the invoicing, collects money, and other paper work needed.

Marketing now needs to follow up with the client. Offer them more opportunities to buy. Stay in touch. Ask for referrals.

As the client gets ready to buy, this is buying signals, or buying behavior, marketing hands the customer to the sales process.

Rinse, repeat and optimize.

Because you now have a marketing and sales process, you can start to improve it. This is where it really gets exciting.

Most companies are just happy to have some process in place. The real magic, and the hard work, is in improving your process.

Why is this SO hard to improve a process?

Because you gave it your best when you first did the process. How can you possibly improve on your best work? Because when you designed and created the process, you did not have data.

Data is the trick. If you do not have data you will never be able to improve the process. Gut feel is a factor, but will only get you that far. Data supports your decisions.

This marketing and sales process has another name, it is called a sales funnel.

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