We love it when clients make more sales ...

Where does sales come from? Sounds like a silly question ... but the answer eludes so many businesses.

When we start working together we will talk about the 5 marketing pillars we check for first. These pillars have helped us develop the digital marketing and sales expansion programme.

From tests, going to market, and seeing how the market reacts we have been lucky to fine tune the expansion programme. This means, you get years and millions of advertising spend insight from the start.

Does everything just work? No. Marketing is not like that. Sales is not like that. Life is not like that. What works is going to market, test it, adjust it, make it better. It is not one thing that makes the difference, it is everything that makes the difference.

Johan Mouton

Meet Johan

I have helped thousands of clients with creating websites, getting online, training business owners, marketing managers, entrepreneurs and division managers how to market effectively online and off-line (yes, offline is important).

I studied marketing at the University of Pretoria. Completed my Honors degree in Marketing. During this time I came in contact with the Internet. I worked at a computer company. That year was also my first website, back in 1999.

Joined Nedbank for 5 years. The focus was on process improvement, implementing projects, and change management (at one stage this involved 1200 people).

My approach is slanted towards marketing first and then technology, this has made all the difference. We focus on internet marketing, SEO, Adwords, lead generation, strategy development and getting more leads for clients and helping clients make more sales.

Long story short... We help you X2 traffic and x2 leads ... using your CURRENT budget!

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