7 SEO strategies that work

7 SEO strategies that work

The web has become busy and very competitive. Having your website listed and rank in search engines helps you get more traffic. SEO (search engine optimization) is important for your business to see results.

Here are 7 SEO strategies that work:

  1. Manually register your site with local business directories.
  2. Add Google search console. Submit your site to Google; and be be included in their robots searching.
  3. Invest in high ranking paid directory sites. Some directories as for a small investment. This can really improve you rankings.
  4. Use the right keywords on your website. Do not over-SEO your site. Keyword stuffing your page does not work.
  5. Build relevant links over time. The more links you have to your website; the better you rankings; but they MUST be relevant to your business.
  6. Ensure your website is fast and mobile friendly.
  7. Keep calm and work. SEO takes time. You do need to put in the work to see the results.

Also; search engines changes the way they work, very often. Keep updated with the latest changes.

Do not rely on just one traffic strategy. Rather consider multiple traffic sources. Compare results and use what works for you.

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