7 Must Knows About Lead Generation In South Africa

7 Must Knows About Lead Generation In South Africa

If you need leads for your business and you are based in South Africa, here are 7 must knows about generating leads.

1) How many Google searches are there per month?

This is traffic from search engines. Google is the biggest search engine in South Africa. People mainly use Google to search. This means they have a certain intent when doing a search. That is why Google is intent based. With Google ads it is extremely important to know the cost per click. This will help to show you how competitive the market is. Some markets have higher costs per click, while others are less.

2) How big is your Facebook audience?

There are over 20 million people that use Facebook on a weekly basis. It is a big audience. People are not on Facebook to buy stuff. This is why Facebook uses interest based and behavior targeting. Facebook ads is a great way to reach a big audience. We use Facebook as a lead generation platform.

3) Mobile first

More than 90% of traffic is from mobile traffic. In South Africa more people use their mobile device than a laptop, desktop or tablet. Check the experience people will have using mobile devices. You can use your phone or online. It must be easy to navigate and use. If you see your mobile bounce rate is high, then you know there is some work to be done.

4) Follow Up

Did you know? 1 out of 10 sales leads are hot. 6 of those 10 leads have purchase intent in 6 to 12 months. It is extremely important to follow up. Use multiple methods to follow up with people who have shown an interest or made a request. 

5) Use Multiple Channels

To really get a good volume of leads, use multiple channels. This includes Google ads, Facebook ads, email, SMS, WhatsApp, social posts, search engine optimization and anything else that makes sense for your business. We have seen some channels perform better than others for some businesses. Keep track and measure. Do more of what works.

6) Know Your Trend

The market moves up and down. Knowing the trend or movement of your market helps with deciding on what marketing to do when. If your business is seasonal, you will run different types of campaigns in each season. 

7) The competition

You might think your biggest competitor is the one around the corner. This might not be the case when you are looking for more leads. Online there are many more competitors. Do some searches online and see what comes up. 

As a starting point, whenever you think about generating leads for your business, also have a look and see if anything is blocking your sales. You might think leads are followed up, but they might not be. Go check. In this course we show you how to unblock your sales

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