5 reasons why you should build an online business

5 reasons why you should build an online business

I started working for myself in 2006 in a home office. This allows me to travel and work from anywhere.

Balito, Sun City, Glenmore are some of my favorite places.

In 2018 I will be away from the office for more than 2 months (yes, not just 2 weeks holiday).

An online business gives you this opportunity. It allows you to be independent.

Here are 5 reasons why you should build an online income:

  1. Location Independence: You do not need to work from only one place. You can travel. Live anywhere. Work anywhere.
  2. Freedom. Because it is online you have the flexibility and freedom to move around. This year I was lucky to watch 5 of my sons cricket games.
  3. Business Operates 24/7. You can setup an online business to run 24/7.
  4. Low Risk. Getting started is easy with very little risk or initial capital outlay. Typically well under $2000.
  5. Global Support. You can outsource key areas in the business. No need to employ people full time.

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