5 Really good reasons to use Facebook ads (today!)

5 Really good reasons to use Facebook ads (today!)

Do you need a quick, measurable, effective way to reach a SPECIFIC target market?

Facebook allows you to target specific audiences, be very specific and measure results.

Here are 5 really good reasons to use Facebook advertising:

  • 1 PPC: PPC means ‘Pay Per Click’ and is also the format of Google AdWords. The advantage of PPC is that you don’t pay anything if your ad isn’t effective. You are only paying when someone actually clicks on your advert. This means you get free exposure for your brand and meaning that you won’t pay a dime if your ad doesn’t encourage anyone to actually visit your site. The goal should be to make money from your advertising.
  • 2 It Fits Any Budget (you can start from as low as R400 / month!): Due to the nature of Facebook ads you can always afford them even with a smaller budget. You set the amount you are willing to pay out each time someone clicks on an ad and the only drawback for making this number low is that your ad won’t be shown as often. Even if you only spend a few rand a week you can still try it out.
  • 3 It’s Highly Targeted: An advantage that Facebook has over Google is that it lets you target very detailed. specific, demographics and groups of people. In other words you can choose to only show your ad to people who are single, married, above a certain age, etc. All this data allows you to avoid wasting money on people who are not in your target audience, or your ideal client. Google AdWords is managed in a different way (it lets you address people searching for particular subjects based on keywords) it doesn’t provide quite the same control or level of demographics. Facebook now also allows you to target people by their precise location.
  • 4 It’s Social: Another great advantage of Facebook ads over Google AdWords is that it incorporates the power of Facebook’s social tools. People can like your adverts and share them, or you can use them to direct people directly to your Facebook page to get more likes there.
  • 5 It’s Easy: Getting started on Facebook is incredibly fast and simple meaning that you can have an ad campaign up and running in no time to start generating revenue.

Getting started is easy, managing and improving your campaigns are critical!

You cannot launch a campaign and just leave it running. Nope. You need to measure and improve.

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