4 Skills every marketer needs

4 Skills every marketer needs

One of my tricks (to develop my marketing skills) is watching what happens in competitive markets; learn it; do it and apply it here in South Africa.

I read a post about what the 4 skills are you will need as a marketer in the not too distant future.

Talking to a client last week; he said marketing has changed a lot over the past 20 years. The thing is; it is speeding up; not slowing down.

So; here are the top 4 skills you will need as a future marketer:

Skill #1: Reality TV Super Star (in your niche)

You have a following. You are comfortable doing video. You do live video ALL the time.

In the B2B space more and more people inside the business become the personality of the business. You find people working in the business becomes the super star.

In B2C you find athletes, singers, sport starts, actors, as the stars.

Skill #2: You can sell using chat

4 billion people are on chat (Whatsapp, Facebook messenger; WeChat, and Viber). It is a lot of people. Sales people are getting REALLY great at using chat as a sales tool (the top producers use it daily).

Are you using chat bots? Sales funnels? It is not only answering a question with 20 pre-automated answers. There is more to learn.

Skill #3: You are a great storyteller

How many people remember statistics? Nobody.

How many people remember that joke you told last week? Everyone!

You see people remember stories. It moves them. Makes them feel something. Technology was the enabler. Now it is the story that matters.

Skill #4: You create, edit and make your own videos

Do you have a smart phone? Do you have a selfie-stick? A ring lens? A video editing program? You are on your way to be a master video maker!

Video is getting ALL the attention. This does not mean having a team of people wearing crew t-shirts. Nope. This is a one-man-video-creating-army.

There you have it. 4 critical skills every marketer will need in the not-too-distant-future (that means now).

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