2% vs 5% vs 10%

2% vs 5% vs 10%

Do you know the difference between a 2%, 5% and 10% conversion on your website?

Most people react by saying, 5% minus 2% = 3% improvement. Or, 10% minus 5% = 5% improvement.

That is not the case. Far from it.

A change from 2% to 5% is actually an 250% improvement. A 5% to 10% change is a 200% improvement.

A 10% improvement on 5% is 5.5%.

A 20% improvement on 5% is 6%.

This means, if your current stats show you make 1 sale out 10 leads, improving your conversion rate, all else being equal, you could get a 250% or 200% improvement in your business. In this case, 2,5 or 5 more sales from your CURRENT marketing.

This does not mean spending more on your actual traffic. It is better results from your CURRENT paid traffic (yes, paid traffic … this can be increased or decreased at any time making it more measurable and controllable).

This month we will be focusing on this one number … conversion rate. Improving the conversion rate on a website. There are a couple of basics which could instantly improve results. Ideally, you will be running tests to measure and improve …

Interested in a measurable improvement program? Contact me today to see if it will work for you in your business.

We will talk about these key areas: Goals, Objectives, KPI (key performance indicators), targets, traffic sources and budgets.

The first step will be to put goals, objectives and measurements in place. From there improve on a monthly basis.

This works 100% independently from your current website and is ideal for larger transactions with high profit margins. Low volume, low search transactions, will not work. Interested? Call me today.

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How? First help you get a consistent flow of sales leads, implement marketing and sales systems for better results from your current marketing and sales activities, and improve consistently from there. This includes, lead generation, marketing campaigns, sales funnels, lead management, growth hacking, and marketing automation.






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