2 Sales per month … then it disappeared

2 Sales per month … then it disappeared

When I started out I created a tele-marketing course. Got it accredited; NQF Level 5 (which was WAY too high!). The time to get the credits was too long. Companies could not let their sales people be on a course for that long.

The tele-marketing course did not sell. People wanted something else.

I had created all the course material; videos, exercises, everything! So; instead of selling an accredited course; I made it a full day course; no accreditation.

The course started selling.

How did I sell the course? I had a website; with a page on about tele-sales training. Every month people will ask for more information. I phoned back and emailed them a course overview. Within a week they paid. A week later I did the training.

Then; it slowed down. Suddenly I had a lot less leads. And a no sales.

Two things happened

  1. Competition in the market (more companies started offering sales training)
  2. The market changed (something else helped … telesales became ineffective)

In business it is usually not just ONE thing.

It is a combination of things which needs to work. This could be beneficial to you or not.

As I started helping more businesses with internet marketing, lead generation, marketing automation, social media marketing, Google Ads … I realized this …

If you DON’T have the offer available online; nobody can find and inquire about it (they cannot buy it!).

Fast forward a couple years

  1. PDF: I worked with a client. He had a PowerPoint presentation about the service he offers. We converted it into a PDF and added it to the interwebs. A potential client found it; and this kicks-starts his multi-million rand business.
  2. Call Centre: A client had a potential call centre available. When I asked them where on the interwebs this is; they said NOWHERE! Do you see the problem?
  3. Petrol Station: A client had land zoned for a petrol station. We generated over 50 leads from our commercial platform.
  4. Big Lead: A client created their website; we added a couple very specific pages. A big lead contacted them end of last year that will change their business.
  5. Plenty Leads: Added a specific page around a specific product for the client. This generated leads in one of THE most competitive markets online (insurance related). They got 10 to leads 20 per month asking for this product. The CPC here is easily R500 … this means 20 leads at that cost per click is worth R10 000 (and then they changed their website; back to 0 leads!). Go figure!
  6. 100% Sales. For 8 years a client followed one sales process. Never looking at possible ways to improve it. I made ONE suggestion. This increased sales drastically! They closed 100% of all quotes within the first week!

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