The 18 GAP Marketing Turnover Boost Model

The 18 GAP Marketing Turnover Boost Model

When I was working at Nedbank, we had a drive towards 6 Sigma. In short, statistical process improvement.

It was during this time I went to Unisa to do a programme in Total Quality Management (a friend and I did it together). Paid out of my own pocket to go and learn. I remember at the exam I was shocked to see how many people actually took the course.  There were a lot of people on the day. We wrote it in Pretoria, at the show grounds in one of those large halls.

In business there are always 3 key areas:

  • marketing and sales
  • operations
  • administration

The reason I joined Nedbank was to learn about operations. I was lucky to work my way into a regional project manager position to land projects in the business. This gave me exposure to a lot more. Even did project management through Stellenbosch University.

When it was time to restructure, I got a position in Johannesburg North. It was here where I met Kevin, our sales coach. I learned a bunch from the retail side of the business. Driving sales, CRM, motivation, goal setting, and more.

If I asked you what’s your game, will you be able to tell me?

Many business owners get stuck in operations and administration. I know. I was there. When I started this business in 2006, my marketing and sales skills were a bit rusty after 5 years at the bank. It took some time to get momentum. We had some very challenging months (zero sales means diving into cash reserves).

The ONE thing that got me out of those challenging months was marketing and sales. Not operations. Not administration.

Yes, some deals took time to close, but I filled my pipeline. Kept following up. Made offers. Closed deals.

It was 2006 when I created the 18 GAP Marketing Turnover Boost Model. It has stood the test of time because it is based on marketing and sales principles, and not shinning objects. Battle tested where it matters, in the front line of business.

If marketing is not done, then there are no sales.

No sales means no operations. No operations means just expenses for administration. That hurts. A lot.

There are 18 marketing and sales gaps in a business. When you close these gaps, your marketing and sales doubles in efficiency. It is not a linear process, it grows exponentially. Small improvement on all levels gives exponential growth.

If you are interested in better marketing and sales, join me this Thursday where I will show you the 18 GAPS and HOW to close these.

Your investment is R595. That is 50% less than what I asked back in 2006 for a session at R1200.

Why such a great offer? I see many businesses not doing the fundamentals right first and then struggle with the rest. Also this is online, so there is no venue hire, allowing me to pass on that extra saving as well.

You will get:
– The 2 hours workshop
– PLUS the course with life time access
– PLUS work book and exercises

Register Here 18 GAP Marketing Turnover Boost Model Workshop.

See you on the workshop. Remember, keep on marketing.

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