10 Ways to Build Your Credibility on Social Media

10 Ways to Build Your Credibility on Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools which can aid in helping you reach a potentially unlimited number of people with a very minimum investment in terms of time, money and effort from your side.

Keeping in mind that while social media marketing might be incredibly powerful, it’s still only going to be as good as the strategy which you have in place. Also remember that if you haven’t first established yourself as a credible authority then no matter what you market or have on offer might end up falling on deaf ears.

Here are ten ways to build that credibility and have a better effect on the market:

Create a Blog
Then make sure you keep it active and fill it with well-researched and informative posts and ensure you share them on social media. This is content marketing 101 and one of the best ways to establish trust and authority. If you can’t write, hire someone who can to do it for you.

Build Followers
Unfortunately, if you have a social media account with 19 followers, you will have a pretty tough time convincing people to have faith in your product or service. Really, it shouldn’t actually matter but it does. People see this as an indicator of your authority in the market, so you need to get to work growing that number.

Be Personal
People like to know that there is actually a real human behind a social media account who actually responds to comments and/or messages, which generally helps to build trust and thus credibility. Every now and then try posting a personal image, this will help to build that connection with your fans.

But Not too Personal
That said, a drunken rant or a Tweet about your bathroom behavior will seriously damage your respectability. You might think it’s amusing at the time but your business account is not the place for that kind of content.

Your social media pages should have strong branding which uses high definition images and well written information. Make sure that everything says ‘quality’.

Does a misspelling necessarily mean that your interesting fact isn’t true? It shouldn’t do really but to a large portion of your audience it does.

Post Regularly
If you go for days, weeks or months without posting then your social media account will look like a ghost town which suggests it is not a professional account.

One of the easiest ways to be persuasive is to appeal to another authority on a given subject. If you can get a referral from another big social media account then this will be of great benefit to you.

Communities on social media give you a chance to answer questions and demonstrate that you know your stuff. Make sure you include yourself as much as possible should you get the chance. See this as an opportunity to ‘advertise’ your expertise and know-how.

Deliver Quality
Most importantly: make sure that all your posts are interesting and entertaining and that you are consistently delivering quality and value to your followers.

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